45-Mile Hydroelectric Power Project

Irrigation Canal

The 45-Mile Hydroelectric Power Project was completed in FY2016. Installation of a hydropower facility on the existing 45-Mile main canal system, a Bureau of Reclamation site, directly addressed the goal of the Department of Energy’s Advanced Hydroelectric Development Program by investigating hydropower technologies and innovative construction techniques as an attractive cost effective electricity production option for the 21st century by increasing electricity generation without additional environmental effects at existing infrastructure.


The objective of this project was to examine the feasibility and implementation of a small-scale hydropower turbine/generator (about 3 MW) at one of the Reclamation sites to generate electricity from a Reclamation irrigation canal. This project also provided Reclamation with the opportunity to be a partner during the implementation phase. The project also provided a setting for testing and advancement of small-scale hydroelectric turbines technologies.