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Date Published Publication Title Authors File
Date Published Publication Title Authors File
8/11/2018 ORNL/TM-2018/898 Site Classification for Standard Modular Hydropower Development: Characterizing Stream Reaches by Module Need Bevelhimer, M., DeRolph, C., and Witt. A.
112/1/2018 ORNL/TM-2018/915 Standard Modular Hydropower:Case Studyon Modular Facility Design Witt. A., DeNeale, S., Papanicolaou, T., Abban, B., and Bishop, N.
11/21/2017 AGU Publications Hydropower optimization using artificial neural network surrogate models of a high-fidelity hydrodynamics and water quality model. Water Resources Research Shaw, A. R., Sawyer, H. S., LeBoeuf, E. J., McDonald, M. P., Hadjerioua, B.
8/30/14 ORNL/TM-2014/272 Opportunities for Energy Development in Water Conduits A Report Prepared in Response to Section 7 of the Hydropower Regulatory Efficiency Act of 2013 Sale, M.J., Bishop, N.A., Reiser, S.L., Johnson,K., Bailey, A.C., Frank, A., Smith, B.
11/15/17 Journal of Hydrology Effects of climate change on streamflow extremes and implications for reservoir inflow in the United States Naz, B.S., Kao, S-C., Asfaq, M., Gao, H., Rastog, D., Gangrade, S.
10/24/17 Water Resources Research Hydropower Optimization Using Artificial Neural Network Surrogate Models of a High-Fidelity Hydrodynamics and Water Quality Model Shaw, A. R., Sawyer, H. S., LeBoeuf, E. J., McDonald, M. P., & Hadjerioua, B.
9/30/11 ORNL/TM-2011/225 National Resource Assessment of Pumped Storage Hydropower Hadjerioua, B., Uria_Martinez, R., Shanafield, H.A., Wei, Y., McCulla, J.D., Alsharif, A.M., Bishop, N.
5/5/17 Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres Effects of Climate Change on Probable Maximum Precipitation: A Sensitivity Study over the Alabama-Coosa-Tallapoosa River Basin Rastogi, D., Kao, S.-C., Ashfaq, M., Mei, R., Kabela, E.D., Gangrade, S., Naz, B.S., Preston, B.L., Singh, N., Anantharaj, V.G.
10/14/16 Advances in Water Resources Integrating a Reservoir Regulation Scheme into a Spatially Distributed Hydrological Model Zhao, G., Gao, H., Naz, B.S., Kao, S.-C., Voisin, N.
2/4/17 Fisheries Research Effects of hydrokinetic turbine sound on the behavior of four species of fish within an experimental mesocosm Schramm, M.P., Bevelhimer, M., Scherelils, C.
11/28/16 Endangered Species Research A traits based approach from prioritization species from monitoring and surrogacy selection Pracheil, B.M., McManamay, R., Bevelhimer, M.S., DeRolph, C.
6/13/17 Transactions of the American Fisheries Society Hydroacoustic Assessment of Behavioral Responses by Fish Passing Near an Operating Tidal Turbine in the East River, New York Bevelhimer, M., Scherelis, C., Colby, J., Adonizio, M.A.
4/1/17 Hydro Review Hydropower Generation Performance Testing at Plants in Thailand and Laos Hadjerioua, B., Witt, A., Kern, J., Christian, M.
9/1/17 Making Small Hydro Development Affordable and Acceptable Witt, A., Smith, B., Bevelhimer, M., Fernandez, A., Bishop Jr., N.
10/11/17 Journal of Water Resource Planning and Management Development and Implementation of an Optimization Model for Hydropower and Total Dissolved Gas in the Mid-Columbia River System Witt, A., Asce, A.M., Magee, T., Stewart, K., Hadjerioua, B., Asce, M., Neumann, D., Zagona, E, Politano, M.
04/01/15 Wind and Water Power Technologies Office, U.S. Department of Energy 2014 Hydropower Market Report Uría-Martínez, R., P.W. O’Connor, and M. M. Johnson
04/19/16 International Water Power & Dam Construction A Fair Share: Sharing the Waters of Multipurpose Reservoirs Bonnet, M, Witt, A.M., Stewart, K.M., Hadjerioua, B., Mobley, M. 
01/13/16 Fish Biology and Fisheries  A fish-eye view of riverine hydropower systems: the current understanding of the biological response to turbine passage Pracheil, B.M., DeRolph, C.R., Schramm, M.P., Bevelhimer, M.S. 
04/10/13 ORNL/TM-2013/159 A Holistic Framework for Environmental Flows Determination in Hydropower Contexts McManamay, R.A., Bevelhimer, M.S.
01/07/14 Hydrology and Earth Systems Sciences A large-scale, high-resolution hydrological model parameter data set for climate change impact assessment for the conterminous US  Oubeidillah, A.A., Kao, S.-C., Ashfaq, M., Naz, B.S., Tootle, G.
12/20/14 Journal of Hydrology A Multi-model and Multi-index Evaluation of Drought Characteristics in the 21st Century D. Touma, D., Ashfaq, M.,  Nayak, M.A., Kao, S.-C., and Diffenbaugh, N.S.
09/16/14 Environmental Management  A multi-scale spatial approach to address environmental effects of small hydropower development R. A. McManamay, N. M. Samu, S.-C. Kao, M. S. Bevelhimer, S. C. Hetrick
02/01/17 ORNL/TM-2016/102 A Multi-Year Plan for Research, Development, and Prototype Testing of Standard Modular Hydropower Technology Smith,B.T., Witt, A., Stewart, K.M., Lee, K., DeNeale, S., Bevelhimer, M.S., 
04/11/16 Environmental Science & Policy A synthesis of environmental and recreational mitigation requirements at hydropower projects in the United States Schramm, M.P, Bevelhimer, M.S., DeRolph, C.R.
03/10/14 Fisheries Management and Ecology Accounting for variation in species detection in fish community monitoring McManamay, R.A., Orth, D.J., Jager, H.I.
05/13/16 Environmental Management  Advancing Environmental Flow Science: Developing Frameworks for Altered Landscapes and Integrating Efforts Across Disciplines Brewer, S.K., McManamay, R.A., Miller, A.D., Mollenhauer, R., Worthington, T.A., Arsuffi, T.
04/01/12 DOE EERE Report An Assessment of Energy Potential at Non-Powered Dams in the United States Hadjerioua, B. Wei, Y. Kao, S.-C
02/04/13 ORNL/TM-2012/298 An Assessment of Energy Potential from New Stream-reach Development in the United States:Initial Report on Methodology Hadjerioua, B., Kao, S.-C., McManamay, R.A., Pasha, M. FK, Yeasmin, D., Oubeidillah, A.A., Samu, N.M., Stewart, K.M., Bevehimer, M.S., Hetrick, S.L., Wei, Y., Smith, B.T.
10/03/12 ORNL/TM-2011/251 Assessment of the Effects of Climate Change on Federal Hydropower Sale, M.J., Kao, S.-C., Asfaq, M., Kaiser, D.P., Uria-Martinez, R., Webb, C., Wei, Y.
05/26/14 Echohydrology Associations Among Hydrologic Classifications And Fish Traits To Support Environmental Flow Standards McManamay, R. A., M.S. Bevelhimer, and E.A. Frimpong
04/01/13 Transactions of the American Fisheries Society Behavioral Responses of Representative Freshwater Fish Species to Electromagnetic Fields Bevelhimer, M.S., G.F. Čada, A.M. Fortner, P.E. Schweizer, and K. Riemer
01/06/16 J Acoustical Society of America  Characterizing large river sounds: Providing context for understanding the environmental effects of noise produced by hydrokinetic turbines Bevelhimer, M. S.  Deng, Z. D., and Scherelis 
05/06/14 River Research and Applications Characterizing Sub-Daily Flow Regimes: Implications of Hydrologic Resolution on Ecohydrology Studies Bevelhimer, M.S, R.A.  McManamay, and B. O’Connor
02/09/16 River Research and Applications Classification of US Hydropower Dams by their Modes of Operation McManamay, R.A, Oigbokie, C., Kao, S.-C., Bevelhimer, M.S.
01/06/16 Water CO2 is Dominant Greenhouse Gas Emitted from Six Hydropower Reservoirs in Southeastern United States during Peak Summer Emissions Bevelhimer, M.S., Stewart, Fortner, A.M., Phillips, J.R. and Mosher, J.J.
01/13/14 Water Resources Research Comment on “Cumulative biophysical impact of small and large hydropower development in Nu River China Jager, H. McManamay, R.A.
06/16/16 Journal of Hydrology Conjunctive Management of Surface and Groundwater Resources under Projected Future Climate Change Scenarios Mani, A., F. T.-C. Tsai, S.-C. Kao, S.-C., Naz, B.S., Ashfaq. M., and Rastogi, D.
09/01/16 ORNL/TM-2016/590 Development and Implications of a Predictive Cost Methodology for Modular Pumped Storage Hydropower (m-PSH) Projects in the United States Witt, A., Chalise, D.R., Hadjerioua, B., Manwaring, M., Bishop, N.
02/22/16 Hydrobiologia Dispersal limitations on fish community recovery following long-term water quality remediation  McManamay, R.A., R.T. Jett, M.G. Ryon, S.M. Gregory, S.H. Stratton, M.J. Peterson
1/1/17 Department of Energy Effects of Climate Change on Federal Hydropower Kao, S.-C., Samu, N.M.
12/07/13 ORNL/TM-2013/361 ESA Protection for the American Eel: Implications for U.S. Hydropower Jager, H.I., Elrod, B., Samu, N, McManamay, R.A., Smith, B.T.
03/03/14 ORNL/TM-2014/45 Evaluation of Application Space Expansion for the Sensor Fish DeRolph, C.R., Bevelhimer, M.S.
02/06/15 North American Journal of Fisheries Management  Evaluation of behavior and survival of fish exposed to an axial-flow hydrokinetic turbine S.V. Amaral, M.S. Bevelhimer, G.F. Cada, D. Giza, P. Jacobson, B.J. McMahon and B.M. Pracheil.
09/01/15 ORNL/TM-2015/559 Evaluation of the Feasibility and Viability of Modular Pumped Storage Hydro (m-PSH) in the United States Witt, A., Hadjerioua, B., Uria-Martinez, R., Bishop, N.
02/01/17 ORNL/TM-2016-298 Exemplary Design Envelope Specification for Standard Modular Hydropower Technology Witt, A., Smith, B.T., Tsakiris,A., Papanicolaou,T., Stewart, K.M.
09/21/16 IOP Publishing Extreme hydrological changes in the southwestern US drive reductions in water supply to Southern California by mid century Pagan, B.R., Asfaq, M., Rastogi, D., Kendall, D.R., Kao, S.-C., Naz, B.S., Mei, R., Pal, J.S.
06/12/16 Ecology and Evolution Filling in the GAPS: evaluating completeness and coverage C45of open-access biodiversity databases in the United States Troia, M.J., McManmanay, R.A.
05/15/14 Global Change Biology Bioenergy Forecasting changes in water quality in rivers associated with growing biofuels in the Arkansas-White-Red river drainage USA H.I. Jager, L.M. Baskaran, P.E. Schweizer, A. Turhollow, CC Brandt, and R Srinivasan
03/04/16 Diversity and Distributions Future land use threats to range‐restricted fish species in the United States Januchowski‐Hartley, S. R., Holtz, L. A., Martinuzzi, S., McIntyre, P. B., Radeloff, V. C., & Pracheil, B. M.
08/13/16 AGU Publications High-resolution ensemble projections of near-term regional climate over the continental United States Ashfaq, M., Rastogi, D., Mei, R., Kao, S.-K, Gangrade, S., Naz, B.S., Touma, D.,
07/01/14 Ecological Applications Hydrologic Filtering Of Fish Life History Strategies Across The US: Implications Of Streamflow Alteration On Fish Assemblages McManamay, R. A, and E.A. Frimpong
01/01/15 ORNL-TM-2015/14 Hydropower Baseline Cost Modeling O'Connor, P.W., Zhang, Q.F., DeNeale, S.T., Chalise, D.R., Centurion, E.
11/24/15 ORNL/TM-2015/471 Hydropower Baseline Cost Modeling, Version 2  O’Connor, P.W., DeNeale, S.T. Chalise, D.R., Centurion, E., Maloof, A. 
02/05/15 ORNL/TM-2014/540 Identifying Environmental Opportunities outside the Hydropower Project Boundary An Updated Methodology of the Basin Scale Opportunity Assessment McManamay, R.A., Troia, M.J., DeRolph, C.R., Bevelhimer, M.S., Schramm, M.P., Larson, K.B., Tagestad, J.D., Johnson, G.E., Jager, H.I.
01/07/16 ASCE Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management Identifying High-Power-Density Stream-Reaches through Refined Geospatial Resolution in Hydropower Resource Assessment Pasha, M.F.K., Yang, M., Yeasmin, D., Saetern, S., Kao S.-C., and Smith, B.T.
02/11/16 Journal of Contaminant Hydrology In situ mobility of uranium in the presence of nitrate  following sulfate-reducing conditions
Paradis, C.J., Jagadamma, S., Watson, D.B., McKay, L.D., Hazen, T.C., Park, M., Istok, J.D.
09/06/16 ORNL/TM-2016-219 Informing a Tidal Turbine Strike Probability Model through Characterization of Fish Behavioral Response using Multibeam Sonar Output Bevelhimer, M., Colby, J., Adonizio, M.A., Tomichek, C., Scherelis, C.
05/11/16 Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences  Isolating causal pathways between flow and fish in the regulated river hierarchy McManamay, R.A., B.K. Peoples, D.J. Orth, C.A. Dolloff, and D.C. Matthews
02/09/17 Journal of Hydraulic Engineering Modeling Total Dissolved Gas for Optimal Operation of Multireservoir Systems Politano, M., Castro, A., Hadjerioua, B.
11/20/14 Water Resources Research Monitoring reservoir storage in South Asia from multisatellite remote sensing Zhang,S., Gao, H., Naz, B.S.
10/01/13 Journal of GeoPhysical Research Near-term acceleration of hydroclimatic change in the western U.S. Moetasim Ashfaq, Subimal Ghosh, Shih-Chieh Kao, Laura C. Bowling, Philip Mote, Danielle Touma, Sara A. Rauscher, Noah S. Diffenbaugh
04/15/15 ORNL/TM-2015/48 New Pathways for Hydropower: Getting Hydropower Built - What Does it Take Bishop, N., Linke, D., Vansant, C., Alsbert, C., Anders, J. Grovue, A., Hill-Nelson, S., Johnson, K., Smith, B.T., Youlen, D., Young, K.
04/01/14 DOE EERE Report New Stream-Reach Development: A Comprehensive Assessment of Hydropower Energy Potential in the United States Kao, S.-C., Stewart, K.M., Samu, N.M., Hadjerioua, B., DeNeale, S.T., Yeasmin, D., Pasha, M. FK, Oubeidillah, A.A., Smith, B.T.
09/29/14 Fisheries  Open-Access Databases As Unprecedented Resources And Drivers Of Cultural Change In Fisheries Science McManamay, R. A, and R. M Utz
06/25/16 Environmental Management  Organizing Environmental Flow Frameworks to Meet Hydropower Mitigation Needs McManamay, R.A., Brewer, S.K., Jager, H.I., Troia, M.J.
06/06/16 Science of The Total Environment Predicting environmental mitigation requirements for hydropower projects through the integration of biophysical and socio-political geographies DeRolph, C.R., Schramm, M.P., Bevelhimer, M.S., 
11/19/15 AGU Publications Predicting glacio-hydrologic change in the headwaters of  the Zongo River, Cordillera Real, Bolivia
Frans,C., Istanbulluoglu, E., Lettenmaier, D.P., Naz, B.S., Clark, G.K.C, Condom, T., Burns, P. Nolin, A.W.
09/01/14 ORNL/TM-2014/510 Prediction of Total Dissolved Gas Exchange at Hydropower Dams Mid-Columbia River System Hadjerioua, B., Politano, M., Bender, Merlynn D., Hopping, E., Stewart K., DeNeale, S., Maloof, A.
09/01/16 ORNL/TM-2016/591 Preliminary Feasibility Study of a Hybrid Solar and Modular Pumped Storage Hydro System at Biosphere 2 Witt, A., Brink, R. Chalise, D.R., Hadjerioua, B., Lansey K., Hortsman, C. 
12/18/14 Energy Projecting Changes In Annual Hydropower Generation Using Regional Runoff Data: An Assessment Of The United States Federal Hydropower Plants Kao, S.-C., Sale, M.J., Ashfaq, M., Uria Martinez, R., Kaiser, D.P., Wei, Y., Diffenbaugh, N.S.
09/07/14 Journal of Hydrology Quantifying And Generalizing Hydrologic Responses To Dam Regulation Using A Statistical Modeling Approach McManamay, R. A.
02/24/16 Fisheries  Reconnecting fragmented sturgeon populations in North American rivers H.I. Jager, M.J. Parsley, J.J. Cech Jr., R.L. McLaughlin, P.S. Forsythe, R.F. Elliott, B.M. Pracheil. 
06/16/16 Global and Planetary Change  Regional Hydrologic Response to Climate Change in the Conterminous United States Using High-resolution Hydroclimate Simulations Naz, B.S., Kao, S.-C., Ashfaq, M., Rastogi, D.,  Mei, R. and Bowling, L.C.
05/06/16 Ecotoxicology Relating fish health and reproductive metrics to contaminant bioaccumulation at the Tennessee Valley Authority Kingston coal ash spill site Pracheil, B. M., Adams, S. M., Bevelhimer, M. S., Fortner, A. M., Greeley Jr, M. S., Murphy, C. A., Mathews, T. J., & Peterson, M. J. 
02/01/15 Journal of Hydrology Separating snow, clean and debris covered ice in the Upper Indus Basin, Hindukush-Karakoram-Himalayas, using Landsat images between 1998 and 2002 Khan, A., Naz, B. S., and Bowling, L. C.  
10/29/15 Water Spatial and Temporal Correlates of Greenhouse Gas Diffusion from a Hydropower Reservoir in the Southern United States Mosher, J.J., Fortner, A.M., Phillips, J.R., Bevelhimer, M.S. Stewart, and Troia
02/25/16 Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. Spatial and Temporal Trends in Contaminant Concentrations in Hexagenia Nmphs Following a Coal Ash Spill at the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Kingston Fossil Plant J.G. Smith, C.A. Murphy, T.F. Baker, and R.T. Jett
02/27/15 Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews  Spatial design principles for sustainable hydropower development in river basins H. I. Jager, R. A.  Efroymson, J. J. Opperman, and M. R. Kelly
03/07/16 ORNL/TM-2015/670 Stream Classification Tool User Manual: For Use in Applications in Hydropower-Related Evironmental Mitigation McManamay, R.A., Troia, M.J., DeRolph, C.R., Samu, N.M.
12/28/13 Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management Stream-reach Identification for New Run-of-River Development through a Merit Matrix-Based Geospatial Algorithm Pasha, M.D.F., K.,  D. Yeasmin, S.-C. Kao, S-C, B. Hadjerioua, Y. Wei, B.T.  Smith
07/14/16 ORNL/TM-2016/113 Summary Report of Advanced Hydropower Innovations and Cost Reduction Workshop Arlington, VA O’Connor, Patrick, Rugani, K., and West, A.
09/01/15 ORNL/TM-2015/550 The Economic Benefits of Multipurpose Reservoirs in the United States-Federal Hydropower Fleet Hadjerioua, B., Witt, A., Stewart, K., Bonnet, M., Mobley, M.
11/01/13 PNNL-22807 The Integrated Basin Scale Opportunity Assessment Initiative: Phase 1 methodology and preliminary scoping assessments for the Connecticut River and Roanoke River Basins Johnson, G.E., Bevelhimer, M.S., Larson, K.B., Tagestad, J.D., Saulsbury, J.W., McManamay, R.A., Duberstein, C.A.
09/01/16 ORNL/SR-2015/357 The Second Assessment of the Effects of Climate Change on Federal Hydropower Kao, S.-C., Ashfaq, M., Naz, B.S., Uria Martinez, R., Rastogi, D., Mei, R., Jager, H., Samu, N.M., Sale, M.J.
04/27/15 Inaugural International Marine Renewable Energy Conference (IMREC) & the 3rd Annual Marine Energy Technology Symposium (METS) Tool to Predict TDG for the Columbia River Basin Hadjerioua, B., Politano, M., DeNeale, S., Bender, Merlynn D., Castro, A.
09/01/15 ORNL/TM-2015/551 Total Disolved Gas TDG Prediction and Optimization in RIVERWARE Stewart, K.M., Witt, A., Hadjerioua, B.
01/29/16 Ecohydrology Towards catchment classification in data-scarce regions Auerbach, D.A., B.P. Buchanan, A.V. Alexiades, E.P. Anderson, A.C. Encalada, E.I. Larson, R.A. McManamay, G.L. Poe, M.T. Walter, A.S. Flecker. 
03/30/16 J. Water Res. Pl. Uncertainty Analysis in Geospatial Merit Matrix-Based Hydropower Resource Assessment Pasha, M. F. K., D. Yeasmin, S. Saetern, M. Yang, S.-C. Kao, and B. T. Smith 
07/22/13 Ecohydrology Updating the US hydrologic classification: an approach to clustering and stratifying ecohydrologic data McManamay, R.A., Bevelhimer, M.S., Kao, S.-C
09/01/16 ORNL/TM-2016/545 Water Quality Projects Summary for the Mid-Columbia and Cumberland River Systems Stewart, K.M., Witt, A., Hadjerioua, B.
08/01/17 ORNL/TM-2017/175/R0 Simulation and Modeling Capability for Standard Modular Hydropower Technology Stewart, K.M., Smith B.T., Witt, A., DeNeale S., Bevelhimer, M., Pries J.L.
08/01/17 ORNL/TM-2017/328 Standard Modular Hydropower Technology Acceleration Workshop: Summary Report Witt, A., Mobley M., DeNeale S., Fernandez, A., Smith B.